Portals to Magical Places



Commissioning a Portal

These large portals were commissioned and collaboratively designed with my clients. The design of a portal is integral with its placement on the landscape. Before creating a design, I study the intended site, noting features such as trees or pathways. Working intuitively, a design for each gate would begins unfolding. I then share these initial ideas with my client and together we refine the concept in conversation and with sketches.

For example the Ring Portal was inspired by my client’s early childhood spent in China. There she saw large circular stone openings - free standing or in walls - called Moon gates. Wanting a Moon gate for many years, she asked if I could fashion one from wood. As I meditated on this circular concept, the three rings suggested themselves. They gave the portal depth and I sensed that each ring resonated with a slightly different energy. As with tuning forks, the different sized rings created different “tones” contributing to an overall harmony of design.

Fashioning a large wooden sculpture like the Ring Portal, takes a considerable amount of time. This portal is constructed with short sections of wide cedar planks laminated together with waterproof glues. The first step in the design was to make a highly detailed shop drawing from which full scale templates could be made with computer controlled cutting tool. With these templates I was able to make the final circular rings and have them all fit precisely together. All of this work took over two months of fabrication time.

I take great care in creating and crafting a portal. I view them as gateways for my clients, enabling them to discover new aspects of both their landscape and themselves. As my client for the Ring Gate told me: “I wept when I saw it. It was so beautiful and I felt drawn into it.”

About Pricing

Because the design and fabrication time is extensive these large portals cost in the range of $10,000.00 to $14,000.00. I can work with clients with more modest budgets. But like any piece of hand crafted, one of a kind work, I can not create a portal priced like a mass produced item.


Due to the size of the large portals and the way in which they are assembled, I find it best to be able to transport them directly to my clients. Being based near Portland, Oregon, I limit my commissioned work to the Northwest from Northern California to Northern Washington.

Getting in Touch

Do you think you would like to commission a work? I would be glad to discuss your project with you. To contact me, just fill in your information on our Contact Page and let me know when you are available for discussion.