Earlier this summer I was invited to present my work to local affiliation of small woodlot owners, architects, contractors and other like minded people supporting sustainable and locally grown lumber. I featured my Moon Gate and was warmly received by the group and it gave me an opportunity to talk more about my work with wood and my Portals. My tagline is Portals To Magical Places and I mean that in a number of ways.

First I believe that we all can have a “magical space” within. A place where imagination and creativity abide–an inner space where we can discover our own peace. What threshold do I cross to arrive there? I find for myself and in conversation with others there is often a place where I physically go that aids me to go there. It may be a favorite chair, a quiet room, or a garden or other place in my yard where the environs stimulate my inner connection. An Elven Gate is a physical expression of a threshold. As I intentionally pass through it I’m reminded and can connect to that inner space in myself.

We can create “magical places”. Where there is artistry and creative design we are uplifted by the beauty that we encounter. Beautiful architecture or sculpture enhance our spirit and we are positively affected by our surroundings. Such places stimulate our imagination and creativity. There is magic in the intangible ambiance surrounds them. A quality that we feel when we enter such a place.

The last magical aspect one which I described in my talk and is more personal to me is the magic of the muse. The concept of the muse goes back to antiquity. The Muses were Zeus’s daughters and were sources of inspiration for creative artists. From whence arises this creative impulse? The gods of Greece remain in the ancient past. But muses inspire artists to this day. The creative person opens a personal portal to invite a vision of the work which they wish to create. It is an invitation for collaboration between the creativity of the individual and their muse.

In our culture we tolerate writers describing characters that are very much alive to them as they write. Sometimes even guiding the characters development in a way that surprises the author. So, I think that Greeks may have understood something when they personified the muses. I find creativity to be a dialogue between what I know and can personally envision and “someone” else who brings insight and inspiration to my work.

Talking with friends after my presentation, I likened my mentioning of working with a muse as a “coming out” for me. I’m a fairly material guy and my professional colleagues come from the construction industry. Shop talk doesn’t include muses. But portals are gateways to new possibilities and “magical places”.